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BOV83121 - I voted! Voting with my credit card is transforming IT. The power of change! We’ve become an on-demand, digital experience world. There is no offline. There is no down time. There is no static state. Growing consumer sophistication and instant expectations are driving vendors and providers of services to transform the very nature of the way they respond to consumers of their services. As business changes, IT transforms. To satisfy the dynamic pressures and demands, successful IT transformation requires technical agility and orchestrated response. Come and listen as we explore the power of change to IT and the service consumer for today and the future to come. 1 Hour Business Overview Alan Clark
BOV89033 - Using SUSE Manager's Audit capabilities to improve efficiency and security The Audit capabilities of SUSE Manager will be explored, including: * Using the Subscription Matcher to show both adequately, and inadequately, subscribed systems, as well as its recommendations for efficiently matching systems to subscriptions * Background info on CVE and OpenSCAP * Viewing the patch status of client systems relative to a given CVE * Reports available from OpenSCAP scans and how to generate them 1 Hour Business Overview Rick Spurgeon
Gokhan Cetinkaya
BOV89296 - SUSE Best Practices - Sharing Expertise, Experience and Knowledge In many enterprises, a lot of hidden IT knowledge and experience exists. Consultants, sales engineers, supporters and partners work with customers on a daily basis to implement, strengthen and fine-tune Linux-based solutions. Many proofs of concept and customer projects have been conducted. Many of them are at least partly documented. Also, many Technical Information Documents are already written. But much of this kind of knowledge is not publicly available or is hard to find. The purpose of the SUSE Best Practices is to change this situation. Via a recognizable, new series of documentation, we make existing knowledge and experience available to a broader audience. And we invite you to participate in the creation of these new and valuable documentation papers. Join us to learn more about the open source tools and the processes we use to create documentation for SUSE-based solutions, and to see how you can contribute yourself to AND benefit from the SUSE Best Practices. 1 Hour Business Overview Christoph Wickert
BOV89821 - Lead with Linux: Flexible appdev and deployment solutions for the enterprise The rise of the mobile workforce, consumer expectations and a desire for on-demand content are driving faster business change and new competitive pressure. IT must find new ways to innovate quickly while keeping the lights on. For many enterprise shops, Linux is the future, offering great flexibility and savings at scale. But are all enterprise apps fit for purpose for Linux? Discover how existing business applications can work alongside modern technologies including SUSE Linux, Eclipse, the Java Virtual Machine, and LinuxOne. See how modern tools enable flexible COBOL deployment across a variety of enterprise platforms and modern architectures. 1 Hour Business Overview Ed Airey
Steffen Thoss
BOV90887 - IBM z Systems and LinuxONE - an Open Source Success Story - History, Current Status and Technology Outlook The biggest IBM customers in the world rely on Linux on the mainframe (z Systems) to run their daily business-critical operations. This session covers the technical and economical benefits of running Linux, z/VM and KVM on z Systems and LinuxONE. Customer success stories are included to demonstrate the benefit of open source software on the mainframe, where SUSE plays an essential part. The session will also cover a technology outlook for the z Systems platform. 1 Hour Business Overview Marcus Kraft
Steffen Thoss
BOV91257 - Moving to the Public Cloud with SUSE Cloud computing can decrease your capital and operational expense, and provide you with the scalability and flexibility you need to meet your business requirements. Are you ready to move to the cloud? SUSE solutions are optimized for use on-premise and in the cloud. In this session you will learn how you can use SUSE solutions in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform and other public clouds, and why it makes sense from a business perspective. Find out how to plan for a cloud migration, which SUSE solutions are available in the cloud, and the various options for getting up and running quickly. At the end of this session, you should clearly understand the steps you need to take to start moving your workloads to the cloud. 1 Hour Business Overview Frank Rego
BOV91604 - Microservices or not to Microservices, or what's the Chameleon say? A talk about Microservices, the latest trends, where things are headed, what to expect from the enterprise and "what's the Chameleon say". We will talk about the trends from a SUSE perspective on Microservices, where we are headed and the various tools we have developed to enable the distribution for the future of a Microservices architecture. Come learn about how to move forward with Microservices and still be able to provide enterprise auditing of the environment. Learn how you can have more control over your Microservices architecture by adding authorization to teams and users, and have full visibility into who is making changes to your microservice images. 1 Hour Business Overview Federica Teodori
Cameron Seader
BOV91609 - Getting to the Future: Upgrading Windows Desktops to Linux Everyone is talking about Cloud. But you have to start somewhere, and the usual spot is the corporate desktop. As the world increasingly moves from local applications to web-based and remote apps, the opportunities for Linux on the desktop have never been greater. Many organisations lack the resources to deploy Linux based desktops on a large scale. We have had experience deploying managing and deploying many thousands of Linux desktops across a country-wide infrastructure and this session will explain some of the methodology and benefits of doing so. The lessons learned at this session will be valuable for enterprises with 20 or 200,000 desktop systems. 1 Hour Business Overview Gareth Chillingworth
Patrick Fitzgerald
BOV91679 - Migrating Deployment Processes and Continuous Integration at SAP SE to a Future-proof Design Using SLES12, Chef, GitHub, OBS and KIWI Past deployments and customizations for SAP's datacenters relied on a set of custom-written Perl scripts. For the recent upgrade to SLES 12, the workflows were redesigned to allow smoother and less error-prone VM image creation and deployment. Migrating two separate cloud environments with separate datacenters and networks and just one central management point to a new OS and new workflows posed a huge challenge to all teams involved. The new process relies on Chef for configuration management, KIWI for image creation and OBS for image builds. A common base is used for all VMs, customizations done via Chef. GitHub repositories hold Chef cookbooks, recipes and roles and the KIWI configurations for hypervisor, baremetal and VM installations. As of June 2016, customers are testing the workflow and using their own Chef cookbooks for application deployment. At SUSECon, we will provide insights on how a DevOps project of this size got realized and provide feedback by SAP Lines of Business. 1 Hour Business Overview Florian Winkler
Eike Waldt
BOV91705 - State of OpenStack The OpenStack Community has just released its 14th version - Newton. At this presentation we'll discuss recent trends in the community, highlights of the Newton release and provide an overview of where OpenStack is headed in 2017 and beyond. 1 Hour Business Overview Alan Clark
Joseph George
BOV91777 - Gain Control of Your Linux World - SUSE Manager Is your Linux deployment growing? Finding yourself with more platforms, architectures, or distributions you are managing independently? SUSE Manager can make this simpler! Gain control of your Linux world with a tool that features: - Cross-distribution support - Visibility into patch status across all deployed Linux workloads - Client support across any enterprise Linux platform and/or cloud deployment - A short time to ROI - get it going quickly - Patch/package management, configuration management, defined states, and more This session will focus on the business case for SUSE Manager, and offer presentation, discussion, and a brief demonstration. 1 Hour Business Overview Gokhan Cetinkaya
Donald Vosburg
BOV91780 - Mainframes in the Cloud Major enterprise customers continue to have and make significant mainframe investments, supporting both legacy applications and, increasingly, next gen workloads, thanks to the high levels of virtualization the mainframe can support. In this talk, we explore the benefits of adding the mainframe to your hypervisor mix and demonstrate deploying workloads in a multi-hypervisor environment. 1 Hour Business Overview Kershaw Mehta
Peter Chadwick
BOV92129 - SUSE Security Certifications SUSE products have strong positioning in security and are certified to various security standards, including Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2 and others. This session will outline current certifications and future work, and give an overview of how systems can be installed or configured into a certified state. Also, an update on DISA STIG development will be given for the DoD use of SLES. 1 Hour Business Overview Andreas Stieger
Alexander Bergmann
BOV92653 - The Economics of Ceph based Software Defined Storage Tradionally storage has been built piecemeal into an extraordinarily complex environment in its architecture, upkeep and financial liability. It's hard to budget for, hard to maintain, and impossible to do without. IT teams have a choice. They can use the approach they always have, adding new storage as current circumstances demand and the business drives them. Alternatively, they can use new technology--software defined storage--to re-architect storage to be smarter, less complicated and infinitely scalable. The presentation looks at the compelling economics of Ceph based Software Defined Storage. 1 Hour Business Overview Larry Morris
Jason Phippen
BOV92750 - Transform Your Data Center From Traditional to Software Defined By Doing Storage First Today’s data center executives are under pressure to move to next generation technologies to support new and growing requests from the various lines of business. Lines are blurring between storage, compute and network and their administration as the move towards software defined data centers gains momentum. In this session, we will discuss how to integrate Ceph via SUSE Enterprise Storage into today’s data center environment while enabling the migration to a software defined data center of the future. 1 Hour Business Overview David Byte
BOV94166 - SUSE Connect - Compatibility Is Key SUSE is the operating system market leader for SAP HANA. There are also more than 1600 SAP ICC certified partner companies with even more software products providing a huge value add for every kind of SAP installation. However, not every partner software package is available for Linux. This is why SUSE created the SUSE Connect program which allows customers to benefit from a 1-click experience for SAP partner software available on Linux. In this session you can learn more about the program itself including an overview of existing partner solutions available in the program. 1 Hour Business Overview Hannes Kühnemund
BOV99584 - Overview of Microsoft SQL Server on SUSE Microsoft SQL Server is coming to Linux. In this session, we’ll go over what to expect, show some demos of the product, and talk about implications for SLES in particular. 1 Hour Business Overview Tommy Mullaney
CAS89126 - SAP HANA High Availability with SUSE HA: Tales of clustering from the real world At OXYA, a leading SAP hosting company, we are bold on the topic of Linux HANA clustering: do it with SLES High Availability or forget it . For 10 years, OXYA has been clustering the SAP world with all kind of technologies. Our experience with SLES HA for SAP over 5 years, and 2 years with HANA clustering gives us all the confidence we need to bet our SLAs of HA for HANA on SUSE. OXYA developed a 7-step validation program, automatized installation, combination with SUSE MANAGER, backed with extended experience of years of best practices and troubleshooting. Some customers, based on poor experiences, try to avoid clustering when they can. Come and see how you can trust efficient clustering technology whenever it is required, to guarantee flawless uptime for SAP HANA. Presentation will include a detailed set-up of a HANA high-availibility solution and live demo of failover + failback between HANA systems. 1 Hour Case Study Matthieu FATREZ
CAS89289 - openQA - Helping SLE with Automated Testing openQA is an automated testing tool capable of full system, console, and graphical application testing. This session will give an introduction to openQA's capabilities and share how it is used by SUSE for the testing of SUSE Linux Enterprise - as well as by openSUSE for the testing of Tumbleweed and Leap. The talk will go into some detail as to how openQA tests a very wide range of scenarios relevant to the SUSE Linux Enterprise products, including multiple architectures, extensions and modules, as well as virtual and 'real hardware' platforms. The session will suggest ideas to attendees as how it could be used for testing their software, operating systems, or virtual machine images. 1 Hour Case Study Richard Brown
CAS89294 - Open Enterprise & Open Community - Empowering Each Other SUSE Linux Enterprise provides a solid platform to customers thanks largely to a community project that experiments and implements many of the innovative technologies that you see in commercial products today. That community project is openSUSE. This talk will discuss the latest developments in the openSUSE Project, specifically the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling distribution, and the openSUSE Leap hybrid distribution. It will also shed light on other technologies being developed inside openSUSE, such as OBS and openQA and share insights into some possibilities for the future. It will also detail areas where the openSUSE project directly impacts Enterprise customers, and the benefits of SLE customers being more involved as community members. 1 Hour Case Study Richard Brown
CAS91065 - OpenStack and Magnum: Kubernetes as a Service for everyone Kubernetes is one the major orchestration solutions for Linux containers. It makes it easy to have distributed, self-healing and autoscaling container clusters. But operators often have a hard time setting up a Kubernetes cluster and it can take quite a lot of effort even for the creation of a simple cluster. Things get even more challenging when security, flexibility and scalability have to be taken into account. And what about making everything automated to satisfy the requests of all the tenants? Lots of developers and operators are running away from this complexity by using the Kubernetes offerings inside of the public clouds. Is this the only one solution? This talk will show how OpenStack can act as the perfect platform to run Kuberenetes clusters by using the Magnum project. This gives you a fully automated deployment system for cloud applications and the following features:      1. Automatic scheduling of containers based on their resource requirements and other constraints, while not sacrificing availability. Mix critical and best-effort workloads in order to drive up utilization and save even more resources. 2. Self-healing and restarting containers that fail, replacing and rescheduling containers when a node dies, killing containers that don´t respond to your user-defined health check and providing containers that don´t advertise themselves to clients until they are ready to serve. 3. Horizontal scaling up and down with a simple command or based on CPU usage. 4. Service discovery and load balancing.  5. Automated rollouts and rollbacks and many others. Now is the time to give OpenStack cloud operators a self-service solution for providing containers to their cloud users as a managed hosted service. The OpenStack Magnum component simplifies the required integration with Kubernetes and allows cloud users who can already launch cloud resources such as Nova Instances, Cinder Volumes, Trove Databases, etc. to also create application containers to run their applications. 1 Hour Technical Tutorial Flavio Castelli
Michal Jura
CAS91227 - How SUSE OpenStack Cloud helped Transform iLayers Service provision iLayer from the UK have been a partner and customer of SUSE for many years and have built a healthy part of their business as a Cloud Service Provider to European customers using many SUSE OpenSource technologies. In this case study, we will discuss how the SUSE OpenStack Cloud solution has helped mature this offering, to make iLayer more relevant to their customers and taken administration pain and costs out of their operations. 1 Hour Case Study Gareth Chillingworth
Simon Briggs
CAS91256 - Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on SUSE OpenStack Cloud In this session we intend to demonstrate Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure-as-a-Service (NFVIaaS) as an extended use-case for SLE and SUSE OpenStack Cloud. The demonstration focuses on two key points: 1. Ease of Deployment and Configuration of NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure): Here we shall use Crowbar and associated automation to deploy the necessary infrastructure components on virtual nodes. We will use SUSE OpenStack Cloud as the base cloud environment with SUSE Enterprise Storage for the storage solution and some NFV specific additional configurations. The example use-case that will be demonstrated is a simple Service Function Chaining (SFC) realized through OpenDaylight. The Service Functions will run on customized JeOS/SLE images. The deployments can use standard TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) templates as recommended by the ETSi MANO (Management ANd Orchestration) specifications for NFVI. 2. Performance Benchmarking using SLE as a preferred platform for NFVI: Here we shall demonstrate simple use-cases including Inter-VM Communication and VM-Migrations and the performance enhancements as a result of the DPDK integration on the node images. Along with these demonstrations, we will also talk about the challenges existing today and a future roadmap to address them. 1 Hour Case Study Nirmoy Das
Markos Chandras
CAS91293 - SUSE Enterprise Storage use case - Orchard Park In the session we look at a customer use case from a business point of view and how working with the SUSE team and the SUSE Enterprise Storage product they where able to meet the present day need and be prepared for future growth. 1 Hour Case Study Anthony Tortola
CAS91402 - Managing demand spikes in a highly flexible and agile deployment S2 deploys data centers in Tohoku, Japan. To grow its business, S2 wanted to provide optimized IaaS cloud environments for government, entertainment and gaming. These customers needed a cloud infrastructure that easily handles peak Internet traffic while minimizing downtime or cost fluctuations. The answer was using SUSE® OpenStack Cloud with MidoNet virtual network for a hybrid cloud infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed for reliable commercial services. S2 CEO Mr. Sudo says: “When we asked SUSE engineers to build a test environment in our office, they generously stepped in and got SUSE OpenStack Cloud up and running in just three hours. Not only were they able to set up the environment quickly, it was practically operational and stable to a production level straight away. Whereas we had previously spent a year and a half on the project and were not able to add OpenStack to our portfolio, after only three months of validation work with SUSE, we were ready to commercially offer it to our customers.” 1 Hour Case Study Jan Hilberath
Yuki Sato
CAS91463 - Tales from the Trenches: Ceph in the Enterprise with Novacoast While not every organization has yet embraced software defined storage, we're going to discuss one who has. Novacoast is a SUSE customer who migrated from 3 legacy SAN environments to a single stretched Ceph cluster powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage. We'll cover why the decision was made to migrate to Ceph, why SUSE Enterprise Storage was chosen, and lessons learned from the migration process. Future plans for the SUSE Enterprise Storage environment will also be discussed as will how the solution has enabled Novacoast to cut its storage budget in half. 1 Hour Case Study Daniel Harbison
Dan Elder
CAS91545 - Large SAP migration to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with SLES for a Private Cloud In this session Carsten Dieterle, Leading SAP Solution Architect with IBM, will talk about a first-of-a-kind solution for setting up SAP HANA on IBM Power private cloud solution in the datacenter of a large customer in the automotive area. In this solution the fully-automated installation of SLES Linux LPAR's through PowerVC as well as the unattended installation of SAP HANA (use cases SAP BW scale-up and scale-out installations or Suite on HANA) with the required storage and CPU and memory ratio are included. In addition we integrated SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension (SUSE HAE) for business critical systems to minimize downtime and automated failover to the backup datacenter. With this setup the development departments of the customer are able to deploy SAP HANA installation on demand. As orchestration tool for the deployment we use IBM cloud orchestrator. For the infrastructure solution the client chose a combination of high-end Power8 E880 machines, ESS storage solution in combination with an IB Infiniband network. 1 Hour Case Study Carsten Dieterle
CAS91596 - High Availability in an SAP HANA Multi-Tier Cost Optimized Scenario This session is focused on the implementation details of SAP HANA in High Availability using multi-tenant databases in a cost optimized scenario including remote site for disaster recovery. We'll show the details about SAP HANA and SUSE High Availability Extension configuration, including documentation about main operations and commands that any HANA administrator should know. In addition, the details about recovery and maintenance of this scenario will be point out, extending the content covered in public white papers. 1 Hour Case Study Gabriel Dieterich Cavalcante
Cleber Paiva de Souza
CAS91627 - Experian pH: Our Journey with SUSE Enterprise Storage Experian pH is a global financial services company and recently went live with a Software Defined Storage solution based on SUSE Enterprise Storage. In this session we will share details of our journey with SUSE Enterprise Storage, discussing some of our use cases and requirements and how Software Defined Storage has helped us respond quickly to a business need. We will discuss the various challenges, both business and technical experienced during the various phases of the project and share some of the lessons learned which ultimately led to a successful deployment. 1 Hour Case Study Stephen Mogg
Howard Samm
CAS91630 - Convert your datacenter to an Enterprise Public Cloud TCS Cloud ( is based on VMWare and was looking for an automation platform for running their datacenter. In the case study, we will describe how different Enterprise Software and hardware systems are integrated within OpenStack. We will also describe the overall operation efficiency that is been achieved with the help of SUSE OpenStack Cloud. 1 Hour Case Study Murugan N
Veerapuram Varadhan
CAS91763 - Use Cases and Best Practices Primer for SUSE & ARM The 64-bit ARM architecture has become increasingly popular in the enterprise, especially in the area of Storage and Networking, but also in markets related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and more embedded use cases. In this talk, experts from these fields will cover use cases and best practices for selecting and designing solutions that involve openSUSE as well as SUSE products and share their practical experiences with that architecture, highlighting opportunities and potential pitfalls to watch out for. 1 Hour Case Study Alexander Graf
Andrew Wafaa
CAS91938 - SUSE Manager 3 & SaltStack at Tyson Foods Tyson Foods was an early participant in the beta program for SUSE Manager 3, diving head-first into the new SaltStack tools for systems management as they went through a large-scale platform migration for some of their mission-critical systems. Come listen and learn about some of the bumps we encountered, as well as how we overcame them, so you can make your own implementation a smoother, more pain-free process. 1 Hour Case Study Patrick Swartz
Robert Booth
FUT89013 - SLES for ARM - What it's all about and the roadmap for the future SUSE has been working with the ARM community since 2015 to enable SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the ARM 64bit AArch64 platform. This session will describe the results of those efforts and how ARM is different from any other computing architecture. 1 Hour Future Jay Kruemcke
FUT89014 - SLES for POWER Trends and Roadmap SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has a long history with IBM, including on the POWER platform. This session examines emerging trends for POWER and how SLES has evolved to deliver features that exploit the POWER architecture. 1 Hour Future Jay Kruemcke
FUT89903 - Just Enough Operating System to Kick Start Creativity Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, JeOS provides an ideal platform for today's agile environment. JeOS is designed for running containerized applications. The stripped down OS is ready to roll, giving you a simplified, fast and out of the box OS. Join our session to learn more about JeOS. During the session we'll walk you through the main features of JeOS and we'll share our plans for the upcoming releases. 1 Hour Future Simona Arsene
FUT92704 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Technology Roadmap This is the session for you to get a comprehensive overview of the SUSE Linux Enterprise family. The latest roadmap including upcoming products and service packs will be shown, with a special focus on SLE 12 SP2. You will learn about delivered and planned capabilities. And, you will learn how technologies provided with SUSE Linux Enterprise can help you implement the best solution for your mission-critical data center, UNIX migration and/or your virtualized infrastructure up to the clouds. 1 Hour Future Simona Arsene
FUT92706 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing: Keeping Pace with HPC HPC systems based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server connect the flexibility of Linux with the enterprise capabilities and support that only SUSE can deliver. It is used to build not just the "biggest HPC systems", but to ensure that the system is reliant and available when the business needs it. Join this session to learn more about SUSE in the HPC area, the HPC stack, and how to address future challenges in high performance computing. 1 Hour Future Kai Dupke
FUT92707 - SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability: Towards Zero Downtime The SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability stack helps to ensure your data and services are available 24 hours a day. SUSE offers not only data and service protection for local and metropolitan systems, but also for those running geographically-distributed data centers. Join this session to learn about the capabilities of the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Stack, typical use cases and what's new with version 12 SP2. 1 Hour Future Kai Dupke
FUT92708 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Realtime: When Time *Really* Matters SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a fast enterprise Linux OS. But what if "fast" just isn't enough for the speeds required in today's world? Scenarios involving real-time communications, computer simulations, financial transactions, and many more rely on predictable timing. This session discusses the SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension, including its capabilities and use cases. 1 Hour Future Kai Dupke
FUT92709 - The Future of the OS - the OS of the Future Linux as an operating system is ubiquituous, used everywhere, in a multitude of use cases, in various form factors and a dozen diverging deployment paths. And while the traditional way of a Linux distribution is driving most of the world's IT, the paradigm is shifting: We all know about PaaS and CaaS, about Containers and MicroOSes, and we all "know" that those will replace the operating system - Do we know? Will they replace "the operating system"? - In any case, they are influencing how we think about "the operating system". This presentation will discuss how SUSE thinks about the next generation of SUSE Linux Enterprise, targeted for 2018, how SUSE's next generation OS will answer the requirements of the IoT, Containers, PaaS, and Cloud world, without letting down traditional OS users. 1 Hour Future Matthias Eckermann
FUT92711 - The SUSE Build Story - Image Building Roadmap Businesses need consistent mechanisms to deliver software. Though there is an increasing demand for flexible, agile deployment, businesses still demand robust, predictable "golden images" for most of their needs. SUSE Studio and Open Build Service represent those solid, reliable tools for creating software solutions. At SUSE, we're developing synergies with these tools, to provide greater value to those who need Images in Cloud and Enterprise. 1 Hour Future Andreas Jaeger
Craig Gardner
FUT92712 - Build Faster Applications - Toolchain Roadmap If you are building applications from source in languages like C, C++, Fortran, and Go, join this session to learn how SUSE Linux Enterprise helps you to build faster applications. You will learn about optimizations for your program and how the toolchain supports you in debugging. I will also talk about our future plans for these compilers. 1 Hour Future Andreas Jaeger
FUT92713 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE Roadmap: Building Enterprise IT with SUSE Linux on IBM Systems The mainframe - a data center in a box. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems is a well established resident on these systems used worldwide, and drives more than 30% of the workloads delivered by these systems. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE 12 SP2 delivers new features and functions that benefit your daily operations and exploit the unique features of z Systems. Join us for this session and learn about these new capabilities, what customers are already using today, and how to leverage the strength of z Systems and LinuxONE hardware with SUSE software technologies to build a rock solid, yet cost effective enterprise IT infrastructure. 1 Hour Future Jeff Reser
Marcus Kraft
FUT92714 - Have a Lot of Fun with SLES SUSE has long used the slogan "Have a lot of fun". SLES 12 SP2 has a new way for you to enjoy SLES and maybe introduce it to some of your friends. Come to this session to learn all about it. 1 Hour Future Jay Kruemcke
FUT92715 - Solve the Paradox: SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Roadmap IT managers and administrators are always the ones everybody rants about. They either don't install all security patches as advised by the Security Team or they install them and the business users are upset due to system unavailability. Solving the paradox of reduced downtime by maintaining or increasing security would make the entire IT department the hero of the day. In this session you can learn how SUSE can help make this happen. 1 Hour Future Hannes Kühnemund
FUT92716 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications Roadmap What does it mean to be the leading platform for SAP and SAP HANA? Learn what SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is and how it helps SAP customers to effectively reduce their TCO. Understand what is currently possible with SLES for SAP Applications, what the differences to SLES and the other Linux distributions are and also get an overview of the new things that come with the next releases of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Those new capabilities and features will enhance the product for an even better integration into the SAP ecosystem. 1 Hour Future Hannes Kühnemund
FUT92718 - SUSE Customer Center Roadmap Join this session to learn about new and upcoming features in the SUSE Customer Center. This is your opportunity to provide feedback & shape the direction the portal is taking! 1 Hour Future Benjamin Landorff
FUT92719 - SUSE Enterprise Storage - Ceph based software defined storage overview and roadmap Ceph open source software defined storage technology continues to rapidly expand functionality. SUSE will soon be releasing the 4th version of SUSE Enterprise Storage powered by Ceph. This session will provide the attendee with an overview of where SUSE Enterprise Storage is today, where it is headed and details on the future plans for Ceph and SUSE Enterprise Storage. 1 Hour Future Larry Morris
David Byte
FUT92720 - SUSE and Cloud Foundry In this session we will look at how platform as a service has evolved, what problems it solves in the enterprise, what Cloud Foundry solves for the platform as a service market, and finally where SUSE is adding to Cloud Foundry. 1 Hour Future Ronald Nunan
FUT92721 - SUSE and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) In this session we will look at the problem in the enterprise and how software defined networking came about. We will then look at the further problem that NFV has set out to solve, the role that OPNFV is playing, and finally how SUSE is engaging and focusing its efforts to support OPNFV. 1 Hour Future Ronald Nunan
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